5-1 5K 06 June 2015

In what will likely be my last race of the year, my husband and I decided to run the 5-1 5K today on post.

We picked up the packets yesterday. It was put on by a unit so it was pretty small. Actually, events up here seem to be pretty small in general.

We showed up around 0930 to say hi to some people, watch the kids’ 1K run and then we lined up for the 5K start. I put myself towards the front because I thought I was going to go fairly fast despite not having run anything over a mile in at least a month. P hung back because he’s still recovering and knew would be a little slower.

The course was around the airfield which was kind of nice because it was perfectly flat, but you could also see the whole course, the sun came out and it got a little hot and it wasn’t terribly interesting to look at.

I went out way too fast and at one point realized I was carrying a 6:40 pace. Don’t worry, that didn’t last. My first mile was 7:24 which was good, but I felt hot in my tights and ran an 8:22 second mile. I felt like I was fading so I focused on keeping it under that and did 8:17 for the third mile. I finished a little over 25 minutes. I’m still not completely in tune with my new Garmin Tactix and I know I started it a little ahead of the start and a little behind the finish.

I am definitely out of 5K shape, or any kind of running shape it seems, but it was fun to get out and run on a Saturday morning because I have all the rest of the weekend still. And we got these cool shirts which Zane is graciously modeling for us, kinda.


At the finish they had water and bananas and cookies for the kids. They also had a table set up selling some things so I bought three boxes of Girl Scout cookies because I was starved.

Good things:

– T-shirt. I like races that have either a shirt or a medal (or both). When it’s neither I feel like I’ve been robbed for a training run.

– I didn’t feel bad on the run, just slug like and out of shape.

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