Five Things for Friday

I’m in a bit of a rut because I’m in between parts of my life. I’m essentially done with my job here but I’m obviously not in my new job yet so I’m just kind of keeping busy buying things I need and trying to unpack and clean my house before I leave.

1. Bras.

Why is it so hard to find a decent bra anymore? I used to be able to just buy a multipack of those cheap Fruit of the Loom variety, but then I bought a fancy running bra and now I can’t go back.

black bra

These Champion Marathon bras are my new favorite. They come in lots of colors, but black is only about $15 right now on Amazon so I’m buying them in that color. Plus, I don’t like my bras to show so it’s not like anyone is ever going to see them.

2. Socks. 

As hard as it is to find a good bra, socks are even harder. In the Army, we can only wear white ones with no visible logo and it must cover our ankle bones. About a year ago I bought a few pairs of these Elite Dryad socks from Road Runner Sports and they.are.perfect. Of course, they don’t carry them anymore. They are so perfect. They’re thin and light, no irritating seams, they cover my ankle and they have no logos.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 4.10.47 PM

3. Goody spin pins.

I’m part of a Facebook group for military women and recently one mentioned Goody spin pins made her buns so much easier. I tried it and I’m a big fan. I still use a couple of bobby pins to tame wayward hair, but overall it’s less things in my hair and a little faster.


4. Freezer meals.

I used a few meals from Once a Month Meals to premake some dinners before my husband moved here and they were so good I bought a cookbook, Once a Month Cooking which I am less of a fan of. But overall I am a big fan of cooking freezer meals. Last weekend I made 14 days worth of dinners for about the same it costs me for two weeks of food, but we also eat the leftovers for lunch and it makes menu planning a lot easier. I used a menu from the cookbook and there’s been a few meals we haven’t liked, like last night’s Chicken Spaghetti which we threw out, so I would recommend the website over the book.

5. QALO rings.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 4.20.24 PM

I’ve been thinking that I don’t want to take my wedding set with me because what if it gets scratched up or damaged. QALO makes rings out of silicone that don’t catch while lifting and can be cut off easily in an emergency. They also don’t conduct if that’s important to you. I ordered myself a purple one and a white one and got a black one for my husband to try out. They’re about $15 for a woman’s ring and $20 for a man’s and come in a lot of different colors so it makes it easy to try out a few.

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