Mentally on Vacay

I’m one of those people who when I go on vacation, all of me does, and then I have a harder time getting back into shape afterwards. I signed out on leave yesterday and took the day off to enjoy a small breath of freedom and to finish unpacking, putting everything away, and then cleaning my house from top to bottom.

P still has work so I found myself going to bed at my usual time last night and up again this morning with him. He went off to PT and I…well, I was awake. I pulled on my workout clothes which I usually like to lounge around in anyway, fooled around on the Internet for a little bit and then I figured I had nothing to do today, I should go for a run.

I did just a little loop by my neighborhood that I walked the dogs on a little while ago. They acted so exhausted by it that I was extra surprised at how small a loop it was.

It was a nice run, though. I ran by the community garden at the university and while it was chilly this morning, it wasn’t raining like it is now.


Lots of gardens, all unmolested by moose

I always feel more productive and better about my day if I manage to get a run in. It’s so tempting to just laze around while on vacation, but I feel so much better just being a little more active. And then I can sit and cross-stitch on my couch all afternoon and feel a little less guilty.


I am determined to be done with this someday soon.

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