June Stridebox

About a month ago I signed up for a monthly assortment of running samples from a company called StrideBox. I got my June box in today and wanted to share.


I think the packaging is so cute.

Inside is an assortment of goodies. Some drink powders for recovery by Mestrength in lemon lime and orange, two refueling gels from Hydrate in mocha and strawberry lemonade, a peanut butter dark chocolate Kate’s Stash Bar, and raspberry Skratch which says it’s an energy chew. I also got a nice gray towel, a new sticker, and an Action Wipe and a little tube of Ruby’s Lube. I already opened the lube and it smells really nice from the lemongrass in its formula.

One thing I really enjoy about StrideBox is that so far all of the products I’ve gotten have focused on being as natural as possible. I also enjoy that I get to try some new products without having to choose them myself. I’m really unadventurous in trying new fuels so it’s good to have some forced on me and since I hate wasting things, I’ll use them just to use them up if nothing else.


The haul! Plus a couple of coupons from the makers, which is nice because if you like something it makes it even easier to get.

From this, I think I am pretty interested in trying everything. I’m heading down South where it’s blazing hot so I think the Mestrength beverage powders will help me stay hydrated on my runs, the Hydrate gels will be good while running, I’ll use my Action Wipe to clean up real quick, and honestly, I love energy chews. Sometimes/most of the time I eat them as a snack. The lube will help me not chafe in the extreme heat and I’ll probably eat the Stash Bar as a snack on the plane.

Maybe the best part of StrideBox is how affordable it is. It’s only $15 a month with a $15 sign-up fee (which I got discounted because a friend gave me a coupon). I love getting mail every month and I love that it’s a surprise about what I’m getting. So far I’ve really enjoyed the products and I think I’ll continue for as long as I’m enjoying it.

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