Failure isn’t an Ending, Unless You Make it One

Running is sometimes an exercise is adaptability and patience. You set a goal, you work towards the goal, and then sometimes, still, your goal eludes you. Life is like that, too so I’ve always felt like running just fit so well with everything else.


First look at my new country

I have a confession to make: I’ve already failed at my run streak.

Why? Lots of reasons: I lost a day traveling across the globe, I haven’t been able to use GPS tracking so I have had no idea how far I was running, and recently, I am not entirely sure of all the rules of where I am and because some areas around me are unsecure, I ultimately chose to fail my running streak last night in order to avoid ending up on the wrong side in culturally inappropriate clothing.

So what now?

Well, I’ve never been one for quitting something after just one go so I’m going to try again. And again and again if necessary.

Other than that, it’s been pretty decent. I’m finally at my base where I should spend most of the year and it’s not too bad. There are many, many worse places I could be so while it’s tempting to be jealous of others nearby who have a better gig, I’m choosing to focus on the good things around me.


My other goal of reading the Bible in a year has been coming along just fine. Before I left the States I bought a Bible that has devotionals for women and also has a year-long reading plan. It’s kind of fun to read the Old Testament as I’m in the Middle East and it gives me something to mull over.


Sorry for the bad picture quality, it was really neat to see in person.

I think one of the most difficult things for me will be the lack of races here (there are none), possible inability of running outside, and just staying motivated for a whole year.


One of the better pictures I took of the city

One thought on “Failure isn’t an Ending, Unless You Make it One

  1. Just Another Running Mother says:

    Streaking’s no joke! I’ve had to get creative in order to get the minimum mileage in and I’m just at home! I can only imagine how hard it is when on deployment. I worked out every day on deployment (not always running) and there were days I was at the gym at 3 AM or 11 PM just to get my workout in.

    I’m sure once you get in a routine there it’ll be easier to maintain the goal.


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