Shifting Fire

Remember when my Run-A-Mile-A-Day-For-A-Year originally failed? Well, it happened again. The only place I can run around where I live is on the treadmill that was across the street. We’re moving the gym somewhere else and now my treadmill is a couple of miles away, a few miles that I’m not allowed to traverse without another person accompanying me…and the treadmill is in pieces anyway.

So maybe taking on a goal like that was never such a good idea anyway. There’s so many variables outside of my control with having my equipment in a different physical location and with how things can change so quickly.

Instead, I’m focusing on things within my control. I’m working on learning the local language here and working my way through the Bible. I’m still lifting, and there’s hope that at our new location there will be the opportunity to run outside, although I will likely have to wear long pants and a long-sleeves shirt.

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