Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

It’s the little things that make life worth living. Today I had a nice, relaxing run at night enjoying the city lights and the lights from the planes and the music from my iPhone in my hand, like a 2015 version of the 1980s shoulder-carried boombox. Then when I got back to my room, the August StrideBox was waiting for me. Like last time, they’d thrown in a couple of extra goodies that I really can’t wait to try, and some new sunscreen sticks for me.


I got the greatest shirt in the world the other day. Gladys approves.

The back of the greatest shirt ever.

The back of the greatest shirt ever.

I have a confession: I am a sunscreen addict. I have four here with me. Three are liquids and one is a stick, two are physical and two are chemical. I tend to choose whatever I’m in the mood for. I put sunscreen on every morning and I use my stick to reapply right before I go and workout outside. My stick is chemical so I was very excited to see these two little sticks from All Good are physical. It’s unscented but the smell is faintly of almond butter and so far looks like it leaves no white cast of greasy residue.

I love this sticker

My Dari is coming along pretty well. I am learning how to haggle and numbers. I have about 45 days worth left, plus reading that I’ve been neglecting because I figured if I can’t speak it, how will I know what I’m reading?

Lastly, I am all about small goals. So along with my travel goal of running the Tokyo Marathon, I signed up for the Air Force Marathon next month. I may drop to the half, but it gives me something closer to look forward to and prepare for.


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