Workout Rundown


Leg press, extensions, and curls, calf raises, and dumbbell deadlifts plus Day 8 P90.


30 minutes of running, which I substituted for P90 Sweat A, and then did P90’s Ab Ripper A.


Managed to get through P90 Sculpt A, but wasn’t really feeling it. One-arm dumbbell rows (25lbs), cable pull down (60lbs), barbell deadlifts (50lbs), and bicep curls (20lbs). I wish I’d paid more attention to these weights since I should have maintained the 50 lb deadlift yesterday, too.


20lb dumbbell bench press, 10b dumbbell flys (which were still hard even with little weights), 10b felt raise (also hard), unassisted dips (holy-crap-hard), and 3.39 miles in 30 minutes. Plus P90’s Ab Ripper A.


Really just not into my workout today. I did about half of my P90 Speed Sculpt workout before I just quit it and went to the gym. It was an “active rest” day from lifting so I forced myself to run. 1.02 miles, 9:16


Feeling slightly better, and I went to the gym in the morning before my life could catch up with me. 40lbs squat, deadlift, 25lbs dumbbell lunges, calf raises, P90’s Saturday Special, and 3 miles in 28:14 minutes.

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