What I Want vs What I Need

Have you ever noticed how hard it is sometimes to do the things we know we need to do, but may not be the things we want to do? Like eating all of our vegetables, making sure we go to the gym, and not skipping workouts in P90X.

I don’t like Yoga X.

There, I said it.

I had heard about it but I figured, I like yoga, I can handle it. I woke up early yesterday to make sure I had time for it and I got tired of it 45 minutes through and hit pause.

Why are we dong so many vinyasas? I’m tired of this. Warrior pose is boring.

The thing is, I definitely need yoga. I need the balance and the flexibility and the mental dedication. Which is why after I ran my workout for Dopey yesterday, I came back and finished Yoga X.

What we need isn’t always what we want, but a lot of time will get us where we want to be.


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