One Month Down

During the month of September, I ran at least a mile every day. Having a routine has made it much easier to stay on track, plus it helps break up the monotony of the day. Things can be incredibly dull when every day is the same as the day before and the only variety is what’s for dinner, and even that’s on a seven-day schedule. Tonight’s dinner was pizza. Every Friday is pizza.

I had a day trip to another location earlier this week to try to get fingerprinted and also spent some time indulging in a facial and a massage, doing some shopping at the bazaar, and enjoyed a large caramel macchiato on a terrace.

Not an actual Zales.

A look down one side of the bazaar.

This is one of my favorite shops. I wish I’d taken pictures of the bowl and vase I bought this time, but he wrapped them up so quickly.

I liked these little bud vases.

Enjoying my caramel macchiato and some good reading.

I got back to my usual location just in time for dinner, but I still hadn’t gotten any running in. I’d gotten plenty of walking that day, but no running. I had tried to get up early that morning but like the procrastinator I am, I promised myself I’d do it…later.

Fortunately, the unusually kick of sugar and caffeine mid-afternoon meant I was wide-awake in the evening when I usually get tired so I ran after I got off work. The extra alertness also translated to a very fast pace and some light weights before I decided I really needed to get in some sort of bedtime routine if I was going to sleep at all.

I’m hoping to do some more traveling but I will have to be less lazy about working contingencies for runs since I may not always get back the same day.

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