Miles of Clouded Hell

Last night I put off running until the very end of the day and then while running I was also trying to fiddle with my phone and somehow ripped out the emergency stop cord so my run ended abruptly and I lost my overall time and distance. It was enough to completely sour my mood.

I wasn’t quite over being sour this morning when I woke up early for our PT session in memory of 1SG McKenna. The workout looked crazy hard, it was early and I wanted to be sleeping. I hung back at first, but then I forced myself to start.

The workout was 30 minutes, as many rounds as possible. One round was five pull-ups, 10 deadlifts, 15 medicine ball slams, and an approximately 400 meter run on gravel. I got five rounds in and was almost through my 6th when the time ended. (Had I not hung back, I might have gotten six rounds in).

I was feeling strong and my hesitation and moodiness gone so I decided to finish it out with an easy three miles.

Sometimes it just takes getting over yourself to get a workout in. I am so fortunate to have a working body. I am fortunate that I get to spend time working out during the day. 1SG McKenna was by every account, a beast in human form. The night our camp was attacked, he ran towards the sound of gunfire and he saved many, many peoples’ lives with no regard for his own. I am so humbled to wear the same uniform as him and I hope I honored his memory today.

As I was finishing up my run, Imagine Dragons’s song “It’s Time” came on. I’ve always loved the line “The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell/right to the top/don’t look back.” It seemed more appropriate than ever today. RIP Top.

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