Weekly Recap 10/4-10/10

This is a shorter recap since I included last Sunday in the last recap.

I was so glad it was a step-back week. I’ve been so tired all week and some days just getting the mileage in required me to dig deep. On the 8th, I had to take a running break and switch to the elliptical for a little while. I hate the elliptical. I just feel like it’s a useless machine for me. My legs and feet don’t want to work in a mechanically-prescribed way with no adjustment.

I slept for almost 12 hours Thursday night into Friday morning. If my suite mate had been quieter in the bathroom, I don’t know how much longer I might have slept.

As tired as I have been, I’ve been happy that my paces haven’t suffered too much.

I am ridiculously sore this morning from yesterday’s killer session with all the deadlifts and pull-ups. My legs feel fine, it’s mainly my lower back that is really stiff, followed by my upper back. I was lifting my normal weight, 135 lbs, but I don’t usually do 60 reps so I wasn’t surprised by how sore I was. In three months I’ll be done with Dopey and I’m sure my legs will be sore then.

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