Weekly Recap 10/12-10/18

My overall mileage was good this week, but I still missed some distances because I was traveling and didn’t have the ability to go for a long run. I also didn’t expect to be traveling overnight and really wished I had packed more than just a travel blanket and an inflatable pillow – like maybe some earplugs and extra socks and underwear. Where I was for the night was right next to a huge runway so all night I’d be woken up suddenly by the sounds of enormous jets taking off and landing. One was so large that I swore it was the sound of the earth cracking apart.

Needless to say the next morning I was in dire need of coffee and looking a little haggard. Luckily it worked out and I got a flight back and the crew chief let me sit in his seat so I could hang out the window and take awesome pictures and videos the whole way back.

A fairly built-up village in a rural area

More rural

The outskirts of a major city

Anyway, I still got in some decent mileage this week. My 10-mile long run was a shadow of the Valor Run in dedication of all the female service members who have given their lives in service. I had to do it a day early but I think it worked out since I did 10 miles on 10/16 and there’s 160 service members I ran it for.

I was really hoping to make it home same day as my trip, but my meeting was later in the day and there were no more flights that night. On the plus side, I got to watch the new Conan the Barbarian movie in the USO, drink more coffee, see the end of Ratatouille while in the DFAC, confirm that the food at my base is wayyyy better than theirs (cottage cheese and no fruit to put on it? what?), and picked up a free copy of The Joy Luck Club.

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