Weekly Recap 10/19-10/25

I felt pretty good this week. I had some issues getting into the run on Tuesday so I stuck it out for a solid three songs and then skipped over to the bike. When I use the bike to cross-train, I try to keep it from being too easy by making sure I have lots of resistance and try to keep up a cadence of at leas 90. My pace was a little slower this one because I was doing some hills.

I’ve also been slacking a bit on my lifting. I resolved to rededicate time to it since it makes me stronger all around. I did a heavy legs workout on Thursday and followed it with a run, which definitely makes my pace slower but for lifts that use a combination of muscles, like deadlifts and squats, I want to do those first when I am still fresh and so I can make sure my form is solid.

I avoid bench presses and pull-ups and I know I need to work on them. I avoid them because I’m bad at them, and I’m bad at them because I avoid them.

I did my first “Magic Mile” as specified by the Galloway plan today. It was a little weird because I did it on a treadmill. I averaged a 7 minute mile for it, but I know I could do better since I had to manipulate the speeds by hand. Still, it was good to have some sort of baseline so I know where I stand and can tentatively predict my race times. I’m looking forward to improving on it in the next few weeks, too.


This is pretty much how I’m feeling most days about training. I try to keep in mind that it’s only two more months (and four races, not including Castaway Cay). On the one hand, it does help motivate me to go to the gym and it makes my run streak easier since I feel like there’s a point, but there are some days where it is just such a hassle.

Like yesterday, I didn’t have time to get a five-mile workout in because we had some serious network issues that required everyone’s attention. I had to be satisfied with one mile and move my five-mile workout to today.

I just have to keep finding those smaller goals along the way. Virtual races help a lot, and so do other things, but that’s probably for another entry.

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