Weekly Recap 10/26-11/1

I am SO excited that it’s a new month! I finished another month in my run streak, got to do a little bit of traveling (and shopping!), bought some new shoes, and best of all, got to turn the page on my monthly calendar.

This week was a little hectic because of work and Monday’s meetings ran right through my usual gym time. I was a little frustrated so I chose to skip dinner and go for a run, though I did such a short run that I still had time to shower, change, and make dinner. Small benefits of being on a tiny compound – everything is less than two minutes away.

I kept with my pledge to do more lifting and did a heavy legs day on Wednesday, thinking the soreness would be worse on Friday than Thursday. Um, no. My leaden legs encouraged me to do my run streak minimum and then spend more time on the bike.

Saturday we did a special “Monster Mash” PT session for an hour. It was a lot of fun, but my back and arms are sore today from all the pull-ups we did (again, I avoid them because I suck at them).

Today was just an easy, hilly run meaning I took the hills as slowly as I wanted.

Tomorrow I’m going to try out a new lifting plan my husband sent me. I’m always game to try something new, and my husband loves lifting so I’m interested to see how this plan is.

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