Day 6 of 30 Days of Thanks

Today I’m thankful for mail.

I’ve loved getting mail ever since I was old enough to recognize a “C” on the outside of letters and packages delivered to our house (my parents were an “M” and an “R” and my brother and sister are “R” and “A.”)

I still love getting mail and I love sending it, too. I usually carry family and friend addresses with me in my phone and when I travel I pick out different postcards for different people and mail them from location. I like telling them about the smaller parts of our trip, like about the guys who took their shoes off on the train and propped their dirty, smelly feet on the seats across from us, or that we saw cat sanctuaries all over the place for the feral cats that roam.

For me, getting mail is also meaningful because it means that someone took the time to sit down and write out their thoughts in a medium where there isn’t spell check or grammar corrections, and you can’t easily remove what you’ve written. I recognize that other peoples’ time is valuable to them and I’m humbled they chose to spend a little of it on me.

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