October Extravaganza Bonanza

I follow a few running forums and one on Reddit offers a monthly virtual race just for fun. I decided to sign up for this past month in two events -the 1 Mile and the 5K. I’m still training for Dopey (though at this point I’m a combination of Sleepy/Grumpy) and needed something to motivate me a little more.

It was enough to motivate me to “win” 1st place in my age group in the mile and 2nd place in the 5K. For my mile run I used the two Magic Mile runs I had already scheduled and I used another training run for the 5K.

I also got a cool t-shirt for my efforts.

So glad they went with the technical fabric instead of the cotton!

My motivation has been at (what seems like) an all-time low recently. I even took a walk break today during my run, and my other ones have been super slow, too even if I knock the incline down to zero. So even if it’s little things like a goofy virtual race that can pump me up, I will definitely take it.

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