Day 17 of 30 Days of Thanks

I was laying in bed this morning thinking about car troubles (because P is having some and I had some around this time last year) and that led me to thinking about how thankful I am for my family and friends. Who isn’t thankful for their family or friends? Only the most hard-hearted hermits, maybe.

But really, I am REALLY thankful for them. My extended family has been way nicer to me than I ever have to them through the years. And my friends have been amazing.

When I got home from NTC my car wouldn’t start. Actually, let me back that up. A friend drove me home and stayed to make sure my car started. When it didn’t, he drove me down to North Pole so I could pick up my dog. Other friends would check on my cat if I was out for a weekend, or if I was stuck at work looking for a missing “experimental MRE” they’d stop by and let my dog out. It’s not one big thing, it’s hundreds and hundreds of little things and the longer I think about it the more I can think of.

I do not deserve such great family and friends but I am thankful for them today and everyday.

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