One Sheep, Two Sheep…Why Can’t I Sleep?

I’ve been having trouble sleeping for a while now, which is new and unusual for me. I’ve always been a morning person and love going to bed early, but recently it’s slipping the other way and I go to bed and lay awake for hours and then I’m tired all day.

So when I got a sample of Infinit Nocturne in a Feed Box, I was very excited to try it out. It’s a nighttime recovery solution that promotes sleep and helps rebuild muscles. I was also encouraged by its chocolate flavor. Good things come in chocolate.

I saved it for a while because I just didn’t feel tired enough but the other morning I was definitely tired. I felt like I was forgetting something but didn’t realize until I gotten to work what it was – my rifle. Yeah, definitely pretty tired.

So I decided that was the night. I mixed it with some of our ultra-pasteurized, shelf-stable milk (not known for being especially tasty) and it was pretty good. It’s not an ultra rich chocolate flavor and it did taste a little vitamin-y, probably because it also has a ton of selenium in it, but it was pretty tasty.


I also used my eye mask and my ear plugs. I did my usual evening routine of reading my Bible and then some other reading after that (lately it’s been Games Without Rules, a history of Afghanistan told in a conversational style). I still had some trouble falling asleep, though. I felt like I slept pretty well though, and the next morning I nailed 175 in my squats and 125 on my deadlifts (hell yeah!) and I think I slept better that night.

Does it work? Potentially. But even if it doesn’t entirely, it tastes pretty good even with my weird-tasting shelf stable milk, mixes incredibly well, and has some decent nutrition in it.



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