Day 27 of 30 Days of Thanks

Today I’m thankful for movies. I’ve always liked movies, but lately I’ve really come to appreciate them even more for the escape they provide. Before I deployed I saw a new movie every night I could because I wanted to think of something other than my impending departure.

I’m at training this week and there’s a REAL movie theater here! With recent releases! And popcorn! And it’s free!


I saw War Room the other day, not realizing it’s not actually a war movie, and tonight I saw Brooklyn because I’d heard about it on NPR. They’re even showing the new Star Wars movie next month, though sadly I’ll be gone by then.

It’s so surreal how I don’t even feel like I’m deployed right now. I definitely don’t feel like I’m at home, but things here are so built up that it’s hard to believe I’m in a war zone.

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