Weekly Recap 11/23-11/29

I had really high hopes for this week because I was headed to the Promised Land, a larger base with things like spin and yoga classes, and the ability to run outside on something other than a 200-meter loop.


I’m here for a class and didn’t realize how much work the class would involve outside of class, too, and also that the class goes all day just like the schedule says. So while I haven’t had as much time as I thought I would, I’ve had plenty of time to do things like get a massage in an attempt to get rid of the soreness in my back, and see a movie in an actual movie theater.


I saw Brooklyn because I heard an interview of Saiorse Ronan on a podcast. It was pretty good!


Monday I tried to do 175 pounds for my last two squat sets, but my form was really suffering so I’m not ready to squat that much (yet). I did manage 135 pounds for my deadlift, and a whole set of 15 kilogram (33 pound) back extensions. I was benching 94 pounds and lost count of my set so I thought I’d do another and my bar went up unevenly and I began to resemble a supine kayaker as the other side went up and the first side went down and I struggled. Fortunately I got rescued, but I was thoroughly embarrassed.

I did an easy five miles on Tuesday and Thursday.

Wednesday my flight was delayed so I went to the gym to get a workout in. I had finished a quick run, and my squat sets and was working on my deadlift when my delayed bird came earlier than expected. I re-racked my weights as quickly as I could, threw my jacket back on and ran outside. I was just in time to get on with my bags.

Thursday was the first day of my class and since it was Thanksgiving the instructor let us go at lunch so we could eat. I had a great Thanksgiving lunch and they had a live band playing, too. Since I had the afternoon off, I did a little bazaar shopping and then went to find the gym. It was crazy nice and I will have to go back and take a picture.

The next couple days I was pretty busy with class and after-class practices so I got in some minimum mileage around the base.

We got off a little early today and I was feeling really guilty about not getting all my Dopey mileage in. I thought about doing 10 miles today and 23 tomorrow, but I want to go lifting tomorrow, so I just did my 23 today. The gym I went to wasn’t as nice as the first gym, but it was a little closer and bigger. I’ll probably go there to lift tomorrow.

In other news, I somehow lost my beloved Lamy Al-Star 2014 Bluegreen. I am surprisingly bummed about this. It was so smooth and pleasant to write with, and I thought it was really a very pretty pen. I had it inked up with Baystate Blue, a shockingly bright blue that invariably stained my fingers, but also had the added draw of being permanent, freeze-proof and even bulletproof.


I’m not sure what to get now. An exact replacement would be a little expensive, but all the other pens I might get would be about as expensive, too. It’s just such a bummer. I really liked that pen.

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