Bright and Happy Holidays

I had a despairing night last night which led to not sleeping well which led me to not want to work out at all today. Instead, I saw a post on Reddit about a guy in a person’s class who was copying a Bob Ross video onto MS Paint and I thought I’d try it myself.


I like to think it looks like Afghanistan, if there were no people and somehow had snow on the mountains in the summer. Clearly I have a better imagination than artistic ability.


Which led me to thinking about what I would want for Christmas this year. I don’t really understand how I made that connection, either.


Bright and Happy Holidays



1. I love these Weekender Cropped Pants from Lilly Pulitzer. Her prints are so bright and cheerful that even though they are way too loud for Alaska’s plaid flannel style, I wear them anyway.

2. So no one got me Lauren Fleshman’s “Believe” running training journal last year, and I never got around to buying it myself but I’ve been tracking my workouts more specifically this year (mostly to keep myself from slacking in the weight room) and now I’m a fan. The journal comes in “Fast Red” as well as charcoal and (my favorite) lavender.

3. I got a Traditional flavor Amsterdam wafel from Rip Van Wafel in a box from The Feed and it was so delicious I immediately ordered more. This coconut flavor is wonderful. I like it with coffee, I like it alone. They’re perfect any time of the day.

4. Somehow I’ve lost a few socks since I came out here which makes me sad. I have a bit of a reprieve from standard Army sock colors here and I’ve taken full advantage of it. These Asics socks are great. They’re brightly colored (so they match everything), comfortable and wicking, and so affordable that I can buy more when my socks mysteriously disappear.

5. I don’t know how I’ve lived this long without Sneaker Balls in my life. I got a set as a sample in a Stride Box and while I wouldn’t say they’re life-changing, I can’t believe how badly my shoes smelled before. I currently rotate my set between my last-used (and smelliest) pair of shoes and they’ve lasted far longer than I thought they would. They come in fun colors and styles, too.

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