“Women in combat is nothing new”

Today, or I guess technically yesterday but it was already today where I am, the Army announced it would be opening all remaining jobs to women.

I always wanted to be a tanker or field artillery. I did a summer training between my sophomore and junior year in college and to me those were easily the best jobs out there. I loved it. But because of the Army’s restrictions on women in combat, I couldn’t get branched either of those. (Actually, the Army forgets that I’m female more often than I’d like to admit and did branch me Armor, but they realized their mistake and corrected it, though I still have the original paperwork because I thought it was sort of funny).

Have you ever seen the movie Gattaca? It’s one of my favorites. It’s set in a future where parents genetically engineer their children and your genetic predispositions control your fate in life. A man whose lifelong goal was to travel into space is limited by his genes to be a janitor. One of my favorite scenes is him having a swimming race with his genetically perfect brother. Although he’s genetically inferior, he has a drive inside of him that no genetic altering could place there and he outlasts his brother and wins.

I remember the concerns over repealing DADT, that we’d have to make extra accommodations and it would change everything. Since I went to a women’s college with a very healthy LGBTQ population, I knew that repealing DADT wouldn’t weaken the Army but strengthen it. I think this will be no different and actually I’m really looking forward to a future where who you are does not limit who you can become.



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