One Month To Go!

I’ve recently come down with some sort of cold/upper respiratory infection that has made me feel awful enough that my boss sent me to my room for the night. It takes a lot for that to happen while deployed. So while I feel like death warmed over, I’m getting excited because in a month I’ll be completing the Dopey Challenge and the Castaway Cay Challenge as well.

RunDisney released the race guide a couple of days ago so I’ve been poring over it, looking at the courses and making some last-minute plans on things to do and things to make sure to pack.

I also splurged on the Race Retreat for before and after the half and full marathons. I’ve never done it before, but I was lured in with promises of $10 for 10 minute post-race massages, a warm tent, dedicated toilets, character pictures, you get it.

The weather in Florida can be kind of finicky, so I’m hoping the Race Retreat will keep me warm and dry if it ends up being one of those cold or wet mornings. In the meantime, I’ve been working on what I’m going to pack for the race weekend.

Running Style


  • For any weather, I am most likely going to be running in SOAS tights. They’re just more comfortable, wicking, flattering, and they keep me warm and dry no matter the temperature. I may run in shorts for the shorter races, but sometimes I like longer layers for those because it takes me a few miles to actually warm up.
  • I’m also an enormous fan of The Undress ever since I saw their Kickstarter. It’s a dress that lets you change your entire outfit without flashing anyone. As someone who has changed many, many times in my car, this was a huge improvement in my life. It’s also cute enough that you could wear it just by itself or as a coverup at the beach or wherever. They have a ton of colors and some patterns are reversible.
  • I have an addiction to headbands, probably dating from when I was in grade school and my parents, unable to tame my wild hair, just threw it in a headband and let the rest of it poof out. I’ve discovered hair products and how to braid since then, but I still love headbands. These ones are from SweatyBands and are my all-time favorites. They come in skinny and wide and what seems like a million different patterns and colors. They even do custom patterns for order for schools or other events.
  • I’ve also been in love with Rainbow sandals for years. They last forever and only get more comfortable with time and have great arch support. They’re my favorite shoes period, but also my favorite thing to wear after running.
  • I’m a recent convert to QALO. I bought a couple of rings to take with me to Afghanistan so I wouldn’t have to worry about scratching up my wedding set. They’re medical grade silicone and come in different colors. I love how I can lift with it on and it doesn’t catch or give me callouses, and also how the rings don’t slide off my fingers when they’re cold. I bought one for my husband and even he likes his.

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