Weekly Recap 12/6-12/13 + Christmas Cards

I was much better with my training this week. Monday I felt so good after lifting that I did a short run. Tuesday I woke up feeling a little sniffly but still got my scheduled run in, and remembered why Body Glide is always a good idea if it’s a little humid out.

Wednesday I just did my lifting workout – 175 squats, managed a 140 deadlift on my last set though I had to switch to an alternate grip for the last two reps, 35-lb back extensions and 15-kg incline bench press. I’ve recently become more of a fan of using a machine to do my bench press because I don’t have to worry about failing a rep (and embarrassing the heck out of myself) but also because it works each arm independently, I can’t use my stronger side to make up for my weaker side. The downside is that because I don’t have to stabilize the bar, I’m not using all the same muscles as I would on the bench. I’m sure there’s a happy medium in there, I just need to find it.

Thursday I woke up and felt like a zombie. I was sneezing, had lots of sinus pressure and had a wicked headache. I was looking and feeling so poorly that my boss sent me to bed at 1700. I stopped by the med shed and they gave me a neti pot type thing called a Nedi-Med which rinses your sinuses, some sinus decongestant, and also a nasal moisturizing spray. I’ve always been intimidated by nasal irrigation, plus it seemed weird, but I thought I’d try it out. Wow. It felt SO good. As an added bonus, it also cleans out all the dust and other things from your nose that you’re breathing in all day.

Friday I was feeling so much better I thought I could do a double workout and make up for Thursday, but my body was still feeling really weak. I did manage two wimpy sets of 185 squats, but didn’t end up running

Saturday I did my scheduled run for Sunday, though I couldn’t tell you why. I was feeling even better and managed a 6:05 Magic Mile, though the rest of my run was very leisurely. I also got up really early to take some pictures on the roof to make our awesome Christmas card for this year.

I took Sunday off. I was still feeling a little under the weather and eating healthy food and getting plenty of rest is the only way I’m going to ultimately kick this sickness. I still have plenty of time between now and Dopey, but I want to make sure my body gets what it needs to heal itself.

I want to enjoy Dopey and my vacation so I’m going to finish this week’s workouts as best as I can and then begin my taper. My ultimate goal is to show up to the starting line healthy and finish happy and have as much fun along the way. I’m not running competitively so I’m going to plan to take as much time as I want to see characters, ride the rides, and embrace the whole experience.

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