Weekly Recap 12/13-12/20

I’m a little late in posting this week because it was a busy weekend and I spent most of today traveling.

I skipped my Monday workout, though I can’t remember why now. Just another reason why I have to track workouts as soon as I complete them, otherwise I forget! I’m like that with work, too. If I don’t write it down, it’s not going to happen.

Tuesday I did an easy run and Wednesday I went back to lifting. I’ve been afraid of the bench press ever since I struggled with it, so I’ve been using a machine which has the benefit of working my arms independently, but the downside is that I’m not using the same muscles since I don’t have to stabilize the weight. I went back to the bench press this week and while I’m sure I could lift more than what I am, I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to move up to a struggling last rep. I’d also like to incorporate some dumbbell presses in there too since it would work my arms independently but also use similar muscles as the bench press.

I took it super easy on Thursday and didn’t pay attention to my pace at all, just the time (so I was really, really slow!)

Thursday I felt like pushing the envelope a tiny bit and managed two sets of 180 in my squats, and 140 on my deadlift. Still at 85 for my bench. I was feeling so solid that I went for a short run after my lift, too.

I promise these look way better and non-blurry in real life.


I took Saturday off and Sunday we had a special holiday PT session that we hosted. There were costumes, including a man dressed in a pink bunny suit like Ralph from A Christmas Story and hot chocolate afterwards.

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