Weekly Recap 12/21-12/27

I took two days off this week, Thursday and now Sunday.

Monday I was traveling so I didn’t get my lifting in, but I did get some miles in where I was. Tuesday I still felt good so I went for a six-mile run with a short cool down and Wednesday I went back to lifting. I think I’m going to start the second phase next week, though I probably won’t have access to a gym with anything other than cardio when I go on leave. Maybe there will be some dumbbells and I can fake it a bit.

I got my new yoga mat in the mail as a part of supporting the oneOeight Kickstarter. So I rolled that out and did a short flow. I really would like to do more yoga. Our physical therapist here has started classes, but they conflict with meetings I have to go to right now since my boss is away. Maybe in the new year? Until then, at last I have the ability to do some with oneOeight.

Thursday was Christmas Eve so we canceled our evening meeting and had a tiny party instead. The amazing, wonderful people at the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR) sent me five enormous boxes filled with treats. On my travels on Monday, I made sure to get something special to share so I got some huge salamis and some brie, camembert, and what we’ve been calling “happy chocolates” because they’re made with liquer. It was unexpectedly nice with the things SOAR sent.

Friday I went back to my lifting and did a short run afterwards. Saturday I had a six-mile run scheduled and then I was busy watching what was on TV so I had a really, really long cool down where I did some backwards jogging as well, just to mix it up.

And that brings us to Sunday. I’m already going to take today off from the gym, but I may get in some more yoga just to help with recovery from yesterday. I also need to begin packing for my trip. I’m really excited not only for some of the free tours I booked in DC through my congressman, but also because my orders say I’m allowed to consume alcohol in transit…and I have a seven-hour layover in Germany.


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