Halfway Through Dopey Challenge!

I’m about halfway through the races with the Dopey Challenge, but only about a quarter of the way through the distance. I’m having a great trip and trying hard to take it easy, which is difficult because it’s Disney and I always want to do everything! 


I got a great rate at the Grand Floridian that made it even cheaper than the Yacht Club, where we were originally gpong to stay.


The only “clean” picture I have of our room. It’s strewn with race clothes now.


This trip will likely be our last to Disney “for a while” because P wants to travel to different places. So we’ve been trying to do all new shows and rides we haven’t done before (as well as a few old favorites.)

One of our newest favorites is the Animal Kingdom park and the shows in there. We both like Findinf Nemo: The Musical and The Festival of the Lion King. I also can’t believe we’d never done the Kilimanjaro Safaris. 


I’m a little nervous for the half and even more nervous for the full. I’m not worried about the distance, and I know I can make the time, I just don’t want to hurt myself. I made myself do a 1:1 walk and run ratio yesterday and I think I will do the same today and tomorrow. 

Today is going to be an easy day. We’ve already said we’d go see Star Wars (we wanted to wait to see it together) and just walk a little bit around the new Disney Springs area. 

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