2016 Resolutions

I used to be so good about making new goals and resolutions every new year, and I’d check back periodically to see where I was and how my goals have changed from year to year. Even though it’s almost the end of the month, I still wanted to sit down and make some new goals for the new year. 

I don’t typically make goals that don’t have deadlines or aren’t measurable, but that’s what I’ve found myself doing this year. Some of them are measurable, but some are just trying to do more of the things that are good for me. 

Goals for 2016:

-Finish reading the Bible

-Do more yoga 

-Eat less dessert and less often. Too many times I feel like treating myself when I haven’t earned it and it lessens the value of the treat itself

-Make a better effort to keep in touch with people

-Finish my lifting program

-Work on my bench (my weakest lift because I have skinny T-Rex arms) 

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