Becoming Extraordinary

Since coming back to a new and different place with a heavier schedule and a smaller gym, I wanted a program that I could focus on and would challenge me. I do pretty well with programmed workouts because I have a finite amount of exercises and my guilt is really strong if I miss a workout or short myself during it.

I’ve been a follower of Ashley Horner on Facebook and Instagram for a while now. She posts great fitness workouts and is also so active in making her community a better place. Her posts and pictures motivate me to work harder and do more. When her programs went on sale recently, I recognized that I wanted a new challenge and decided to take the jump and try out her programming.


I settled on her Becoming Extraordinary program as it’s introductory and I figured I could always adjust the weights if I felt like it was too easy. I’ve been on it for two weeks now and I can tell you for certain that it’s what we call a “smoke session,” every session. Every workout is challenging but very rewarding. I’m sore in places and ways I haven’t felt in a long time and I can see myself slowly getting stronger.

The biggest downside to the workouts is the time commitment. The first two weeks have taken a solid two hours in the gym, and the second phase in weeks three through seven take even longer. I will say that it’s definitely worth it and I’m excited to see the changes over the weeks and how much stronger I’ll be by the end.

One of the best parts is a secret Facebook group for people in the program. It’s been great to have a place where I can ask questions and read about and see others’ progress.

I also like that it’s a download so you can get started right away and I can have access to it anywhere I go. There’s also an included meal plan with recipes that look pretty good. If I had a kitchen and the ability to grocery shop, I’d definitely try these out. Hopefully I can talk P into trying it out along with me once I get home.



Still on a Disney cloud

I’m back at work from my two wonderful weeks of leave with my husband and while I miss him, I’ve been wholly engaged with a huge new construction project. It’s nice though because it’s my favorite kind of project – lots of leeway and the freedom to figure things out. I love when someone gives me a problem and then gives me the support and resources to make what they want a reality. It’s very fulfilling for me and the person on the other side gets what they wanted. Everybody wins.

I’m still riding my Disney high, too. Earlier this week I made sure I was online to register for the Dumbo Double Dare and the Disneyland 5K (though I think both are still available). I’ve always wanted to do the DDD but they raised the cost of the races again and I think that put a lot of people off. The thing is, almost everything from Alaska is expensive so the cost of the race is a much smaller factor for me than it is most people because almost everything is a destination race for me. It’s not as if I can just drive a couple of states over for the weekend.

We also got our pictures from the wonderful Jason and Sara at Concept Photography. We did some pictures at the Grand Floridian and then around Magic Kingdom. I really love how they all came out.



Also, I recently found out that they make candles that smell like places at Disney(!) I ordered a Grand Floridian one from Maple & Whisky┬áCandle Co┬ábased in the UK. They also have ones for other Disney properties, and even things like Main Street Bakery, Soarin’, Burning Rome from the Spaceship Earth.


I’m really looking forward to having my room smell like the GF lobby. It was such a nice smell.