Still on a Disney cloud

I’m back at work from my two wonderful weeks of leave with my husband and while I miss him, I’ve been wholly engaged with a huge new construction project. It’s nice though because it’s my favorite kind of project – lots of leeway and the freedom to figure things out. I love when someone gives me a problem and then gives me the support and resources to make what they want a reality. It’s very fulfilling for me and the person on the other side gets what they wanted. Everybody wins.

I’m still riding my Disney high, too. Earlier this week I made sure I was online to register for the Dumbo Double Dare and the Disneyland 5K (though I think both are still available). I’ve always wanted to do the DDD but they raised the cost of the races again and I think that put a lot of people off. The thing is, almost everything from Alaska is expensive so the cost of the race is a much smaller factor for me than it is most people because almost everything is a destination race for me. It’s not as if I can just drive a couple of states over for the weekend.

We also got our pictures from the wonderful Jason and Sara at Concept Photography. We did some pictures at the Grand Floridian and then around Magic Kingdom. I really love how they all came out.



Also, I recently found out that they make candles that smell like places at Disney(!) I ordered a Grand Floridian one from Maple & Whisky Candle Co based in the UK. They also have ones for other Disney properties, and even things like Main Street Bakery, Soarin’, Burning Rome from the Spaceship Earth.


I’m really looking forward to having my room smell like the GF lobby. It was such a nice smell.

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