Homesickness and Dealing With It

I remember getting homesick once when I was a little girl as we were moving to a new state. I was so desperate to be settled somewhere. I also remember one of my first days as a 2LT at Ft. Lewis where I didn’t know anyone, didn’t have a car, and I felt so far from home and the awful loneliness all around me. 

Deployment is a little different. For one, I’m older now and a little less emotional (I like to think so anyway). But also I have phones, Internet, and semi-regular mail service. I can even FaceTime sometimes when the network isn’t too busy. 

All that means it’s taken a while for my homesickness to really set in. The second group of six-month deployers are getting ready to leave soon and I’m still here for a while longer. It’s hard to listen to other people talk about going home to their families when I know I have several more months left here. 

One of the best ways I’ve found to not focus on the time is to fill it up with other things. Working out is great, new hobbies are also great, or just taking a class is also a great distraction for when the time is crawling out here. 

I also listen to songs and movies that remind me of home (“North to Alaska” has been on repeat lately) and I’ve been daydreaming about the trips I’m going to take when I get back. 

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