Five Things for Friday

1. Marathon lotteries

Yesterday was the drawing for the TCS New York Marathon. I’ve entered once before a few years ago, and I wasn’t chosen then or now.  I also entered the lottery for the Tokyo Marathon when I planned on making that my mid-tour leave trip, and again wasn’t selected.

I think there’s something good in lotteries because it keeps the field open and everyone has an equal chance to get in, but it can sure be a bummer not to get chosen. I have a pretty solid fall schedule so I’m not as sad as I would have been otherwise, but I would still like to run it someday because there’s a really cute Tiffany & Co. charm.

2. Terrorism

I read this morning that Taylor Force, an American MBA student on a student trip to Israel, was murdered. Last night we had IDF where I was and it was another reminder of how there are people out there who mean to do harm. It’s been very quiet around me lately so I’ve had plenty of time to focus on work, so much so that I’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.
I hope Taylor’s family finds peace and that those who seek fear and hatred find no peace.

3. Traveling

I found a deal on a 13-day tour through Europe with airfare, and some hotels and meals included. I’ve been daydreaming about traveling and this seemed perfect. I’m really looking forward to putting some new stamps in my passport book and also seeing some of the places I’ve only seen from the air on my way to somewhere else.
Plus, I can’t wait to have a pint in London and a stein in Cologne.

4.”And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini

I saved this book as they were clearing the barracks out and it’s hard to put it down. I’ve been a big fan of Hosseini ever since I read and loved A Thousand Splendid Suns. And since I’m here, I can picture the settings even more vividly. Afghanistan is a heartbreakingly beautiful and rugged country and he does a wonderful job of bringing it to life.

5. Floral prints

I am a sucker for pretty prints. This month Fabletics introduced two new floral prints for their bottoms and I’m in love with them. They’re so spring-like and cheerful. I love my twilight tights from them and I can’t wait until these pretty ones get here.

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