The Final Countdown(s)!

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself in writing this because I still have several more days before I’m under triple digits for my countdown. I’ve written before how I like to have goals, but I also like things like lists and countdowns and I feel like those three things are all very similar. Goals are measurable and lists are measurable and countdowns are absolutely measurable. Goals may change and lists may get added to, but time will always pass.

I used an Excel-based countdown for my last big exercise and at first it seems like time was hardly budging at all and then before I knew it, it was flying by. It’s been the same way out here. This time instead of an Excel countdown, I downloaded a free app called Dream Days that lets you countdown and count up and also lets you have repeating things (like anniversaries or birthdays) or one-time events.


I don’t know exactly when I’m going home, so this is a rough approximation.

I had a countdown to my R&R and was so sad to delete that one and see it count up after the count down because it meant my time was going by faster than I wanted it to. I’m on the other side now and headed towards the end so it helps, but I will probably add some other things in there next to keep me looking forward to the rest of the year. After redeploying, I also have the Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland, the Marine Corps Marathon, and the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon to look forward to, as well as my two-week trip through Europe.


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