Charmed Life

My friend sent me a care package this week, including a few new books to read. I finished The Gift of a Charm by Melissa Hill earlier this week. The book is a fun read about a woman who finds a charm bracelet and traces the charms to try to find its owner. It jumps from different characters who don’t seem to have much to do with each other until they do, and there’s a surprise at the end which I won’t spoil for you in case you want to read it.

The book also made me think about my own charm bracelet. Growing up I always wanted a charm bracelet, but since once never materialized I decided to take matters into my own hands and bought my own.

My first charm was a dogwood charm from James Avery and it reminds me of growing up in Virginia. Although I lived many other places, Virginia will always have a special place in my heart.


Another charm that’s special to me is a abstract-looking circle one with a heart design in it. My husband and I got married in Charleston, South Carolina and before our ceremony we did the usual touristy things like browse the markets and take a horse-drawn carriage tour of the downtown. I loved the beautifully elegant wrought-iron details everywhere in the gates and fences so when I saw this charm from Southern Gates inspired by Charleston’s famous iron gates, and its delicate heart motif inside, I knew it would be a perfect reminder of our trip and our ceremony there. heart

There are a few races I’ve seen that have charms for it, or charms I’ve seen made for it. The TCS New York City Marathon has a Tiffany & Co charm for the race, and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon is also known for giving out special Tiffany & Co necklaces at the finish.


I didn’t get into NYC this year, and I’ve run the Nike race twice now, once when it was a full marathon and once as a half. I sadly lost the first necklace in moving, but I prefer the second design

I’m also planning on running the Marine Corps Marathon this fall. There’s a pretty charm for it from a company called Nomadés who specializes in military-themed charms.mcm

I’m also looking for something to remember my time here in Afghanistan. It’s such a beautiful, rugged country with so much potential. My time here has been some of the most difficult for me, but also the most fulfilling and I will always feel that I carry this place with me.

Nomadés makes a unique charm in both bead and dangling form that you can add sand from a special location. It’s called “Salt of the Earth” which I thought was cute.soteI also found this dainty charm from a company called KrysosJewelry on Etsy. They make many other charms, too as well as states, countries, and even dog breeds in different jewelry forms.


It’s so fun looking at these little charms. I now also have a Pandora bracelet which is still just starting out that I can’t wait to add to over the years.

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