Five for Friday: Transform You edition

transform you

I signed up last week for a 10-week challenge from Ashley Horner. I’ve really enjoyed my programmed workouts and I thought a challenge would be a fun way to motivate me. I’ve really liked seeing others’ progress and on and off scale achievements. Plus, at the end of it someone will win $3,000 but most importantly, everyone wins in having a stronger, healthier body.


This week is about our “why.” Why we want to spend the next 10 weeks working out. To me, it’s simple-I want to be the best version of myself that I can be. I want to be the best wife and officer and friend and sister that I can be. If I never go outside my comfort zone, I’ll never improve and the further I go and do, the more I realize I can do and that I can still work towards doing more.

So with that, this Five for Friday is all about my weaknesses that I am working to overcome.

  1. Chocolate! They restocked the PX a while ago with delicious Kinder Happy Hippos and Ritter Sports. Since it’s hard to find chocolate in the summer months, I stocked up and I’m having a hard time sharing because it likely won’t be replaced. I’m doing my best to save it for an occasional treat. Keeping it in my room where it’s harder to get to has helped a lot.
  2. Energy drinks. I’ve become a big fan of the free Rip Its we get out here. When the flavor is “Power,” I definitely want it. I’m going to work on cutting these out of my diet.
  3. Coffee with lots of cream and sugar. This is a hard one for me, because I like coffee but I really only love it with cream and sugar. What I should do is drink it black, but that’s a hard sacrifice for me so I am going to cut myself down to one creamer and use honey instead of artificial sweeteners.
  4. Cake with frosting. The DFAC here makes delicious cake with real frosting. It’s sooo good, but I’m going to limit myself to once a week for a dessert. My other favorite is the apple pie a la mode they do – they chop up apple pie on the grill and then scoop cold ice cream over it and drizzle the top with a cinnamon syrup. It’s amazing but I’m trying to change, not stay the same so I’m going to keep my special dessert to once a week.
  5. Sleeping in. This doesn’t sound so bad, except that if I sleep in my only choice is to do my workout after work, which means I stay up late and then feel the need to sleep in. It’s a vicious cycle. To help this, I’m using my new Screaming Meanie Screaming Meanie alarm clock. It’s really loud and incredibly annoying and the sudden jolt of it going off gives me an adrenaline rush that wakes me up quickly.

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