5K for Friday

I ran the Georgia Publix Half Marathon shadow run this morning, except we could either do the 5K or the 10K. Running anything longer involves shutting down traffic out here and that’s kind of hard to do.

I strained something in my upper back earlier this week that’s made it hard to walk upright so I’ve had to back off everything this week and try to do some remedial yoga. I felt pretty good but figured I should probably opt for the shorter distance in case I had trouble.


LOVE my new Oiselle Lori shorts

I met my running buddy and we walked over together and got our bibs and shirts and then went over to the USO for coffee. Since we were so early, we had enough time to walk back to our rooms to drop off our shirts and make it back in time for the national anthem.

The course was the same as last week’s. I felt like I went out too slow last week so this week I pushed myself more in the initial surge and then tried to keep it up. It mostly worked. My watch didn’t get enough signal until about 0.4 miles in so my self-timing was off, but I at least still had splits.


Mile 1: 7:40

Mile 2: 7:37

Mile 3 and change: 7:53

My goal was to keep my pace just under 8:00 and I felt pretty strong until the last half mile. There wasn’t a lot of people around and it was running up a slight incline so I felt a little gassed and I could see my pace was creeping up. I pretty much just tried to hang on and focus on my breathing and stride and pumping my arms.


Finish line carnage

Overall it was very fun. Since my t-shirt says half marathon I will do another 10 miles to make up the extra distance.


I went back to my room and did some post-running yoga while listening to Beyoncé’s new album, Lemonade (love it, by the way). My back is still nagging me so I will probably have to go see the physical therapist this week. I took a few days off from any physical activity, but I don’t think waiting it out is going to work though I am very glad it doesn’t seem to be bother by my running. So far cat/cow and a modified child’s pose seem to work the best at stretching that stiffness out, but I’m open to anything else that may help out.


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