Reconnecting Through Yoga

I used to be so good about doing yoga regularly and I enjoyed it. I had a fun vinyasa class I went to every Saturday afternoon and during the week I’d also spend some time at home on my mat working on poses (plus yoga is extra fun when your dog and cat think it’s playtime/attention time and come over and drape themselves all over your mat).

I haven’t done much yoga this past year but I finally went to a yoga class here about two weeks ago, and then another, and then last week while doing pull-ups I strained something in my back that ended my workout immediately and tortured me with sharp pains for days.

While sussing out the sore area, I thought maybe some easy yoga might help and so I unrolled my yoga mat and did some gentle poses which eased my pain.

And then, I felt this need for more. I’d wake up and feel like I wanted to do a little yoga, or I’d feel it right before bed or even in the middle of the day.


I follow Rachel Brathen (aka Yoga Girl on Instagram) and a few months ago she had a Kickstarter for a website called One oh Eight, which brought live and taped yoga classes online. I backed it, got a nice Jade travel yoga mat as a reward (which is the yellow background in some of my recent pictures), and didn’t think much else of it until this week when I logged in for the first time. It’s a great format and so far I’ve really enjoyed all the videos I’ve gone through. It’s also fun for me because it’s so unlikely that I’ll ever be able to go to one of Rachel’s workshops, but I can go through her classes online as well as so many other instructors I will likely never meet in real life. It’s also super affordable at only $14/month. That’s the price I typically pay for a physical class back at my home studio.

They do a 10-day trial for free, but I think I will keep this for as long as I want it and it seems that it’s something my body definitely wants.

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