Celebrating Mother’s Day After Losing Your Mother

I lost my mother to cancer when I was 17 after a long battle over many, many years. In a lot of ways it was a relief to know that her suffering was over and that she was free of the shell she was of the woman I remembered her. For a long while, holidays were painful and awkward and then even more so when I suddenly lost my father only four years later. Holidays are bearable now even if I’m acutely aware of how much I miss my parents. If anyone else has lost their mother, here are some ideas of ways to honor their memory on Mother’s Day.


Motherless Mother's Day


1. One of my favorite ways to remember those close to me is with a donation to either their favorite charity or a cause they supported. Every Mother Counts provides resources and care to pre- and post-natal women in impoverished conditions. This water bottle from Oiselle not only is pretty and functional, but 40% of the proceeds go to Every Mother Counts.

My mother (and I) loved animals and was also active in her church doing drives to raise money and supplies to send overseas. Heifer International provides animals to encourage animal husbandry and self-sustainment in many countries, providing not only food from the animal but also a source of income for the families as well.

2. If you’re nearby, a visit to your mother’s grave might be nice. I love peonies and if I were going I would bring a bunch.

3. I have a few recipes that were my mother’s, like her microwave lasagna and her stromboli, that I make on occasion and whenever I do, I feel like her memory is still alive. One of my favorite things that she made was her homemade apple pies, and also these peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses in the middle.

4. Before my mother died, I found an old cross-stitch that she’d started. She was talented in ways that Martha Stewart could only dream of. She hand-sewed our Halloween costumes every year, made baskets, and decorated cakes. She also cross-stitched birth announcements for each of us as well as many other embroidery designs that were all over our house. I finished her cross-stitch project and I’ve continued her hobby (though I am not nearly as gifted as she was). I like that I can continue some of her hobbies even though she’s gone.


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