Ashley Horner’s Becoming Extraordinary

I finished up Ashley Horner’s training program, Becoming Extraordinary this past week. I would have finished it a week sooner, but I took a week off when I strained something in my neck so I decided just to redo that week.

Things I Liked

  • I am definitely stronger for this program. I loved that it had phases which kept me from getting bored and every workout felt like a big achievement
  • I typically do two sets of 20 push-ups to get ready for my PT tests and do well enough to max my scores in each event, but push-ups are my weakness. Becoming Extraordinary had me doing three sets of 25 by the end of it, and it wasn’t even a struggle.
  • I CAN DO PULL-UPS. Well, underhand/chin-ups, which are still allowed. And I can do three in a row, which I haven’t been able to do since I was much younger and much lighter.

Things I Didn’t Like

  • The workouts are long. The shortest one was about 1.5 hours and towards the end my lifting would be a little over an hour with another 45 minutes of cardio afterwards, and typically hovered around 2 hours for the whole thing. This meant I didn’t have as much time (or energy) for supplemental trainers
  • I don’t like supersets or circuits. They just about require that the gym be fairly empty, which means I have to go in off hours…and which usually meant either working out late or waking up extra early to get it all in. Yuck.
  • I really, really hate burpees. At one point I was doing 100 of them every Friday. Sometimes I did them all, sometimes I didn’t.

Would I recommend this trainer? Absolutely. It’s really doable for anyone at any stage. I wish there were examples of the exercises because I spent a fair amount looking them up, but it wasn’t bad. I learned a lot from the program, I got stronger, and I look and feel better. There’s also a nutrition portion in the back that I didn’t even look at it because I’m deployed and my food choices are fairly limited.

I wanted something a little shorter, and I feel lost without programmed training so I started her Valor program this week, along with continuing her supplemental trainers Crux (abs and core) and Sweet Cakes (glutes and legs). I’m only on day two, but I feel the soreness already. I can’t wait to see what I’ll be capable of by the end of this program.

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