Double Header: Run of the Valkyries 8K and Run for the Refuge 10K

I was originally going to head down to Anchorage this weekend for the Her Tern Half Marathon, but the transmission on our other car went out and then the hubs was designated as the guy who does the twice-daily reports so I ended up staying home and doing a double header instead.

I ran the Run of the Valkyries a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. It runs along the river and is very pretty and benefits our local opera, they even have an opera singer to sing us off and then welcome us back with a few notes.

I was excited to bust out my Volée singlet for the first time, as well.


I also wore my Oiselle Stride shorts and liked them a lot. They rode up a bit, but everything I own rides up because I have legs.

Nothing too special about the run. I foolishly didn’t grab one of my good sports bra and used an old one that had no support. Not only did I get some chafing, but it left me feeling sore for the rest of the day from the bouncing.

Today I ran the Run for the Refuge 10K. It’s a trail race and was raining out so I debated not going, but decided I should because otherwise I’d just be at home hanging around as the hubs tries to sort out what’s going on with our kitchen sink.


Since it was a little chilly out with the rain, I wore my Oiselle Juno tights, my singlet, a decent bra, my Nike Vapor jacket, and a hat because I hate rain in my eyes.

I don’t usually check the course but it was a small field so I looked it over. I’ve run part of it when I ran the Equinox Marathon a couple of years ago, and part of it is right by my favorite lake to fish in so I had a very general idea of the route.

It rained the whole time but the woods were very pretty. I felt pretty good overall but although I’ve been at over 5,000 feet for a year, I realized very quickly that although I’ve been running at altitude, I haven’t done any hills like these. The uphill was punishing for me.


Blurry running picture

At about two miles a volunteer told me I was the third woman and then I passed a woman and her dog about a half a mile later. I figured I was second then and determined to hang onto that place. I could hear her dog’s tags jangling behind me so I really let it out on the downhills and used my arms as much as I could on the uphill.

At about mile four I was on the heels of another woman and decided to hang on until a little later. Unfortunately, we had a ton of uphill between mile five and the finish and she was much better at hills than I was and I lost my opportunity.

I cruised in at about an hour, which I was happy with since I’m so out of shape with running and hills.

They had some refreshments so I snacked on some bananas and waited around for the prizes to see if I’d won anything.

Turned out there was another woman ahead of the one I’d almost passed, so I finished third female overall. Good thing I passed that woman and her dog! I won a packable stool, a DVD about caribou, and a gift card to a hardware/clothing store in town.


Race winnings. Recognize the carpet? 

Overall a very fun race and a great weekend for the debut of my Volée singlet. I’m sure the half would have been fun, but it was nice to stay home and do local races. It’s hard to beat being able to be home less than 10 minutes after a race.



I haven’t posted in a while, but for a very good reason – my year deployment finally ended and I’m home now!

It’s so fun and frustrating to be home and trying to reintegrate with my husband and with work here. Also, now I’ll be returning to organized, mass unit workouts so I will have to get creative on how I’m going to keep my level of fitness up and meal planning and prepping, now that I’m the only one responsible for making sure I eat.

One of the things I was most looking forward to was reuniting with my dogs and cat. As you can see in the video, it wasn’t quite the same as others’ homecoming videos.

Happily, he’s decided I’m not an imposter and things are mostly back to normal and I have my Mini Aussie shadow at all times.

I have lots of fun things coming up in the next few months that I can’t wait to share. I loved being deployed, but I’m also so happy to be back home.