Roam If You Want To

It’s been a long time since my last entry, hasn’t it? I took some vacation time and went all over – Japan, China, Disneyland, Death Valley and Yosemite, and finished up with a women’s running camp put on by Oiselle (I’ll save that for another entry).

It would be way too long to go into Japan and China  but I had a great time. I did a tour with Affordable Asia and was really pleased with the service. It was so nice to have all the logistics taken care of for me, especially since I don’t read or speak Japanese or Mandarin.

Japan was so clean and exactly like I pictured it would be. I loved the food, so much seaweed and different noodles, and how beautiful the clothes were.

China was so different. I had such a hard time getting through the immigration that I was almost willing to just call it and get on the next plane back to America. China outside of the airport was a lot nicer, and a lot more like what I expected Southeast Asia to be like – lots of traffic, people driving crazy, lots of motor bikes and people everywhere. We were very popular because we looked so different and people stopped us for pictures everywhere. The food was also a lot heavier and had much more meat and noodles and less vegetables, and the people seemed much less concerned with fitness than they did in Japan.

Still, lots of fun and here are my 15 favorite pictures from the trip!



The temple of the large Buddha


Osaka Castle – 8 floors high



Forbidden City


Forbidden City


Temple of Heaven



Ming Tombs


This is an imaginary animal that’s supposed to be good luck


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