Change in the Air

I got some exciting news this week. In December I put in my wishlist for places I wanted to be stationed next and have been waiting with anticipation ever since. Without any warning, it showed up in my inbox this week and I learned that I’ll be spending the next few years of my life back in Augusta, Georgia!

I am SO excited! Not the least because it’s been snowing more this week and so, more snow shoveling or even because right now it’s -27*F outside. I loved living in the CSRA (Central Savannah Regional Area) and can’t wait to move back. I’m already looking at all the running trails and routes and races and getting excited about the house we are going to buy out there.


I’m a little sad now that I know how soon I’ll be leaving my home here in Alaska. Four years is longer than I’ve lived anywhere for a long time and it’s the first place my husband and I lived together, and I’ve really grown to love the small community who are so independent and suspicious of outsiders but are always willing to help out if you’re in a tight spot.


This looks a lot more doable 


I’ve held off on making any goals or even signing up for races this year until I knew where I was going to be moving to, but once I found out that I was moving back to Georgia the first thing I did (after telling my husband and everyone else) was to sign up for Southern Bird Camp in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. I had such a blast at the California Bird Camp last summer and I am really looking forward to experiencing running camp again this year.

I have a lot of changes coming up in the next few months, but I am really looking forward to them.

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