Setting Up for a Comeback

Confession time: I haven’t seriously worked out since about December when I left for my last big training exercise with my unit. I did tons of walking but no running and no strength training. Now I’m faced with the challenge of getting back into shape and I’ve developed a self plan of action. Like any plan, it needs to have an end goal that is reasonable and measurable and has a backstop to it (or else I’ll keep putting it off).


Score 300 on APFT at end of March. An APFT is the Army Physical Fitness Test. A 300 is 100 points, the maximum, in each category. For me, that means 50 push-ups, 82 sit-ups, and 15:48 on a two-mile run.

The Plan:

Using the Hundred Push-ups and the Two Hundred Sit-ups plan to augment my daily PT program. Also running 30 minutes at least three times a week.


Push-ups are my nemesis

I used the Hundred/Two Hundred plan back in college and when I was a young officer. Push-ups have always been difficult for me because I tend to have skinny little T-rex arms but sit-ups have always been ridiculously easy for me. Still, because this is a comeback I want to make sure I keep my strong areas strong and strengthen my weak areas.

Since my run is only two miles, 30 minutes of running three times a week should let me build my aerobic fitness back up without getting burned out quickly. Plus, I know I’m going to be stiff and sore from not running in so long.


Winter running essentials: Gore-tex shoes, gloves, headlamp, hat, yak trax

I also plan on doing a better job of foam rolling and stretching than I typically do (which is almost not at all so anything would be a big improvement).

I’ve got some traveling coming up for house hunting but having a reasonable plan makes it much more likely that I can stick to it despite a crazy schedule.

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