Shifting Gears

You want to see a sad picture? My poor bike has been living in my garage for the past year and a half lonely and hung up.


Sad bike is sad

The last time I rode it was to and from work the summer P moved up here and we had one car to share until his arrived. Then I deployed and it got hung up. Then I redeployed and I was just gone all the time and it sat there patiently. I’d look at her sitting in the corner sadly and feel guilty, but not quite guilty enough to want to brave the rain and then snow and now the extreme cold and snow (plus her tires are too skinny for the icy roads.)

One of the things I miss most about living somewhere more temperate is being able to ride (or do everything, really) outside more than a couple weeks out of the year (okay, I still run outside now but it’s a process and my eyelashes freeze over) and now that I’m moving back south, I’m already starting to think about riding and running outside again.

So with that, I tentatively signed up for my first triathlon since my first triathlon four years ago (does that mean I’m still a novice?) and that means I’m taking the bike down, pumping her tires back up, and remembering how to ride it again. Until the roads get better or until I get somewhere with better roads (probably the latter) I’m going to be riding indoors, which should be lots of fun for P to try to hear the TV over.





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