Packing For a Cross-Continental Move

I’m down to my last few weeks here before another big move cross-continent, which means I’m making a series of lists of things I have to do before I leave, I have a list of things to get signed off on before I can clear post, and a big list of things to pack in different places.

Right now my list of things to carry looks a little like this:


– passport- for border crossings as well as an additional form of identification
– dog health certs (required for border crossings and the ferry)
– Sophie meds
– dog food
– leashes
– poop bags
– dog bed
– hard-sided cat carrier
– disposable cat litter boxes – this way I don’t have to tote something smelling like cat pee around for two weeks in the back of the car
– cat litter (also for traction in case I get stuck in a snowbank somewhere)
– cat food – I typically switch to wet food while traveling because my cat is too freaked out to drink water during stops
– water bowl for pets
– baby wipes (disinfecting)
– winter boots
– winter coat
– snow shovel (also in case I get stuck)
– flares (both in case I can’t get out and also if I have to stop by the side of the road)
– Jet Boil (P says I have to buy my own and can’t keep borrowing his, which I guess is fair since I use his more than he does! I’m going to wait for the REI sale this next weekend, though)
– lighter
– freeze dried meals (in case I get stuck and also for food on the Alaska ferry)
– 2 gallons of water (mostly for my dogs so they don’t get upset stomachs from different water)
– mittens
– hat
– sleeping bag
– cots (I might mail these down to GA instead of carrying them in the car)
– bike trainer (too big/heavy to mail)
– bike
– computer
– external HD
– towels (these ultralite ones take up little space, dry really quickly, and are also really absorbent. Plus they’re affordable)
– dry bags for clothes (I bought a couple of these from Sea to Summit and love them. I’m putting my clothes in a roof carrier so this will ensure they stay dry no matter the weather)
– running shoes
– flip flops
– cross-stitch bag
– 10 x  copies orders
– Milepost aka The Bible of North Country Travel
– bike rack
– mini lamp- I bought a neat USB chargeable one from Amazon while deployed and have been using it ever since.
I’m a big fan of anything that can pack up small and takes up less space so my travel pillow, sleeping mat, and sleeping bag can all compress to smaller dimensions. I also like dry bags because you can get some that work like a vacuum bag and let you press out extra air, while also keeping your clothes dry. I’m trying out a new roof bag carrier instead of packing everything in the car. It’ll cost a bit of gas mileage but I think will help out in giving us more room inside the car and that will be worth it.
Trying to pack for a two-week moving trip in a smaller car is definitely a challenge so I’m trying to also choose clothing items that are breathable and adaptable to different climates. I’ll probably be wearing mostly Oiselle and Soas clothing for a few weeks, which is more than fine by me.

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