Cabin Fever

For some reason, I have a harder time running outside in the cold when it’s spring than I do when it’s in the thick of winter. Even though I know it’s warmer, I’m still so frustrated that it’s below freezing and just want it to warm up already. It’s about now when I start trying to take shortcuts in my routines. Last weekend I was so pumped that it was warm (20 in Alaska is warm) that I tried to go to the store wearing my Dansko clogs. Unfortunately, it was still winter and as I went to climb into the truck I slipped instead and fell hard on my back.


The clogs

It’s like that with running, too. Even though I really, really want to go running freely down the road, I know that I still need to put Yak Trax on. I know I still need to wear a hat and gloves and possibly even a couple of layers depending on the temperature. If I don’t I might have an uncomfortable run or cut it short or, like in the case of the slippery clogs, slip and fall and hurt myself.

Patience is not one of my virtues and it’s something I struggle with and running and working out is no exception. I want so badly to be in the thick of the process that I try to hurry things along. I know eventually it’ll warm up and the snow and ice will melt and I’ll be able to lose a few layers (and wear slippery clogs around outside again) but until then, I need to work on staying present in the process and try to appreciate where I am now and not where I wish I could be.

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