Oiselle Volée Opening Soon

It’s been almost a year since I joined the Oiselle Volée, which I describe as a women’s running group loosely sponsored by a women’s running clothing brand, Oiselle. Since then, I’ve bought some new running outfits spurred by my love of their fall designs and coupled with Alaska’s icy conditions (on that note, Lux and Wazzie Wool are my go-tos) but also gained a whole bunch of new friends I never would have met otherwise. I also got to go to a women’s running camp, which was incredible and so much fun.

Some of the downsides for me is that it is a lot about the clothes. Oiselle is a brand, after all. I’ve never felt pressured to buy anything, unlike some of my friends in MLM, but Oiselle does an awesome job of showing its Volée new designs and offering early access to them as well. They also do a good job of eliciting feedback, which only makes sense to me. I haven’t been unhappy with anything I’ve bought from them and worn and having early access and a great return policy means I can shop without worrying about any hassle. I like the clothes and loved them before I joined the Volée.

Another downside isn’t Oiselle’s fault, but living in Alaska is so much more remote and lonely. There were only four other birds here and none in Fairbanks. I loved connecting with other women at Bird Camp so I think once I move down south this problem will fix itself.

Do I think the Volée is worth it? Heck yes. For all the reasons above and more. We have a gear swap group on Facebook and a team site where we discuss everything from pets to what we’re cooking. I love Bird Camp and am stoked to go again this year. Also, the team is redesigning the singlets this year so runners will have the option to choose what they love. I personally love the bright Oiselle singlet already, but I also love the sunset option.


I also like that a portion goes to supporting professional runners and charitable programs. Plus, the new Volée opens every quarter now, which makes the community more inclusive rather than exclusive.  For more information, you can visit Oiselle’s pre-registration page.

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