Eating Healthy While Traveling

One of the hardest things for me while traveling is the lack of food options on the road. Several years ago I drove cross-country and ate only Taco Bell, gas station pastries, and 5-Hour Energy Shots.  Living like that is just not sustainable for me anymore. While traveling, I’ve developed a few keys to try to make better choices on the road.


  1. Pack your own food. Did you know you can bring your own food to the airport? I didn’t know this for years. Now I love packing myself a great meal to eat while waiting for my flight or on a layover. One of my favorite things to make is chèvre, spinach, avocado, and pesto between two slices of thick bread and toasted over a skillet until the sides are golden brown and the insides are warmed and melted together.
  2. Bring your own snacks to avoid binging on things like gas station pastries. Small snacks like grapes or apples are great for curing my sweet tooth cravings and keep me from wandering down the candy aisle when I’m paying for gas. I also like bars like Picky Bars or Bobo’s Oat Bars.


    Smooth Caffeinator is my favorite

  3. Eat breakfast. I find if I don’t eat breakfast, I’m more likely to indulge myself because I’m beyond hungry. Even just the slim pickings at most hotels’ continental breakfasts can help keep you from making crazy choices fueled by hunger.
  4. Drink plenty of water. It helps your body regulate itself and juices and sodas have lots of empty calories with no concrete nutritional values. Having a water bottle in the car also helps to keep it available. If you don’t like the taste of tap water (it almost always makes me sick while traveling), they make water bottles now with filters in them so you don’t have to buy bottled water. header-image-bottle
  5. There are lots of good websites and apps that can help you decipher what’s really in menus at restaurants. I used Weight Watchers several years ago and I liked their app because it let me choose a restaurant and see how many “points” different dishes at that restaurant were.

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