Roadtrip Songs


I’m from the age of mix tapes. If you liked someone, you made them a cool CD of songs that made you think of them. I’ll never forget a guy I dated who made me a playlist of country love songs that I listened to over and over again until I’d nearly convinced myself I liked the music.

I don’t make CDs for people anymore, mostly because P likes metal and I…don’t. But I do make playlists for running and working out and also for driving cross-continent. Here are a couple of my favorite songs for road tripping.

It’s a sort-of love song, but I like the chorus of “I got a little bit longer, I got a ways to go.”

I really like the whole Walter Mitty soundtrack, and I like this song a lot. It’s uplifting and inspiring and about getting out of your comfort zone.

This has been one of my favorite songs for a while. It’s about “home is where the heart is.” I like to try to whistle along with it, to my dogs’ confusion.

Does anyone remember Matchbox Twenty? I like this song because it reminds me to remember how far I’ve come even when it seems like I have so much further to go.

I admit, I love Moana and have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat. It’s just such a good mix of hope and struggle and I can’t stop, won’t stop listening to it anytime soon.

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